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Jura mountain chain

Enchanting gorge, breathtaking Creux du Van cliff ring

Creux-du-Van - Cirque - Le Soliat

Program D2

  • early morning wildlife observation (optional)

  • breakfast

  • walk around the Creux du Van cliff ring, descent to Noiraigue train station (flexible day planning, minimum calculated walking time 2:10); picnic on the way (organized by ourselves)

  • train ride Noiraigue-Bôle

  • mimimum calculated walking distance 7,4 km, minimum vertical drop -725 m

In countless variations of comfortable bed and noisy waterfalls, the wild setting of the Areuse river leads us to our first gastronomic stop. The winding ascending path in the afternoon guarantees us efficient digestion.


The Creux du Van park is home to a variety of wildlife. Our mountain lodge is located close to the ring cliff.


Geology and hydrology of this Karst environment, flora and fauna, will enliven our exchanges and conversations. Conviviality and discoveries of local products will also help to make this outing an unforgettable experience!

For groups of 4 up to 12 people

Program D1

  • meeting 10:00 at train station in Bôle (NE); train arrival time from Neuchâtel 9:50; small parking lot (availability however very scarce)

  • 1:50 walking time up the Areuse gorge; lunch at a restaurant; climb up to Creux du Van’s ring (calculated walking time 4 hours) passing by Ferme Robert and the « cold fountain », where we shall dull together "La Fee Verte" according to local tradition

  • arrival at mountain lodge around 18:30, grooming (no shower in the lodge) and change, aperitif, dinner; overnight in 2- or 4-bedrooms

  • total walking distance 17,45 km, vertical drop +1150 m

All inclusive price per participant

  • 4-6 participants = CHF 450 p.p.

  • 7-9 participants = CHF 350 p.p.

  • 10-12 participants = CHF 300 p.p.

Price on request for bigger groups

Information and registration, please contact me

Jura - Neuchâtel - Creux-du-Van - Haut lieu énergétique - Le cirque rocheux
Creux-du-Van - Fontaine Froide - Féé verte - La Bleue - Absinthe - Troubler la bleue

Download the detailed description:

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